Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Thrifty Finds

Alright, so I know most people don't like to spend money, right? Well, neither do I. In this past week however, I've spent about $35-40 on clothes(which is way more than I normally would).
But usually that amount of money will only buy a few items. Would you like to know how many items I bought with my $40? ELEVEN. Eleven items. Granted, some of them need to be refashioned, but I got a wonderful eleven items.  Six of the eleven items I bought at TJ Maxx on the final clearance rack. Two of those items were little White Sox novelties (have to love my baseball), one was a little White Sox gnome (so cute) and another was a little stuffed mascot, each were $1. But the dresses I got there beat any deal I think I have ever gotten before!
 The blue dress was $3 and is sooooo cute! the shoulder cut-outs and the color are just wonderful. I'm thinking a thick black belt would be cute around the waist of that one. And either black flats, sandals, booties, or heels. I feel like this one could be super girly or super edgy depending on the accessories you put with it.

The pink one is so pretty, silky, and light! I also paid $3 for this one(such a steal). This one can definitely be dressed up with some big chunky black or metallic jewelry, (maybe) my layered black studded belt, and some black heels or studded booties. Will definitely post the outfit when I wear it!

The black dress fits PERFECTLY, and I got it for $1!!! It has a slight tear on the back of one of the straps, but I can easily sew that up, and I might even pick a little lace or ribbon to add to both sides where the rip was so nobody will notice at all! This one would be super adorable with sparkles everywhere! Sparkly belt, jewelry, make-up, shoes....I'm just going to sparkle it up with this one!

And the last one from TJ Maxx is this beautiful yellow and black patterned dress that I got for $3. Since I have a rather large derriere, it fits kind of tightly in that area, so I am going to have my goddess of a seamstress, Doris, make it a shirt instead! So perfect for a more professional setting or for a night out with colleagues!

Now onto the deals I got at the local Salvation Army store!

I got these brand new sandals for only $3! So comfy and cute! Now I don't have to try to pass off my brown flip-flops for black anymore!

This 101 Dalmations thermos was $.95, and I couldn't pass it up. It was my absolute favorite movie as a child, and this thermos is precious!

Well, the picture turned out to be sideways, but you get the drift. Super cute blazer for $6. Until I found this one, I couldn't find a cute blazer for less than $25, so when I happened upon this, I grabbed it and latched on!

This dress was also $6, and fits like it was made for me! I love the abstract pattern, and this dress would be perfect with my black blazer for an interview, or by itself with some black or blue(there are little blue dots in the pattern) heels for dinner out.

Finally, this sparkly little dress is probably my luckiest find of the week. I got it for a steal at $6, and it is most likely going to be worn to Pooh Bear's (the boyfriend's) homecoming next month. It has his favorite color of turquoise in it, and has sparkles galore! It is kind of young looking, but I figure this is really my last chance to wear something super young and sparkly!

As you can see, I definitely got some good deals this week! I am sadly refilling the closet that I just cleaned out, but at least I'm not spending a fortune doing it!
I will be following up as I wear these outfits so you can see the fashion in action!

So tell me what you think! Do you like any of these outfits? How would you wear them?

Live, Love, and Let it Sparkle,

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