Monday, September 10, 2012

Just one of those days...

You know those days when you wake up and feel like death?
When you feel like your head is going to explode and your nose is going to fall off?

Yup, today is one of those days.

Either I'm getting sick thanks to the boyfriend because he attends the petri dish that is Harlem High, or I have HORRIBLE allergies thanks to Mother Nature being even more indecisive than I am. Either way, it sucks.

So, as a result of my current state of head and sinus congestion, I did NOT feel like putting a cute outfit on. I didn't really feel like leaving the house at all today, but I'm an adult with college to pay for now and I need to work on getting a job and all that fun stuff (who decided to make college so expensive? seriously..).

I wore a black v-neck, jeans, and black sandals. So so boring.
But I did go shopping in this boring outfit and I happened upon an adorable black and white striped blazer from Ross and bought it for $10.99, such a great deal! Not a great picture, but I promise its cute!
 I also got a great deal on this pink and white, White Sox yoga mat for $8.99 instead of the normal $24.99. I am a HUGE White Sox fan, and do enjoy yoga, so this definitely made my day.

I will not be using that yoga mat anytime soon though, unless this horrible cold or allergies or whatever the heck else it might be lets up within the next couple of days.
The rest of my day will be spent laying around, watching tv, and using an entire box of kleenex.
Hope you guys are all feeling much better than I am!

Live, Love, and Let it Sparkle (even if you're sick),

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