Friday, August 30, 2013


K guys, I know I haven't blogged in like, 12938140891 years, but here I am again on my own, walking down the only road I've ever known (cue air guitar and terrible singing).

I'm at college now. I'm also single now.
I'm taking 15 credit hours, and making new friends everywhere I go.
I am also having a GREAT time!

I was super duper nervous to come here; I knew I would miss my family, friends, and also my wittle puppy! But I've made new friends here from the very first day, and we are already becoming like a big family.

The floor I live on is super amazing. Everyone (for the most part) gets along wonderfully, and they all are super nice.

This is my roommate, Megan! Our parents insisted we get a "first day in college" picture, and I'm kind of glad they did! So far, she seems super cool, and I can't wait to get to know each other better!
Here is Emily! She is uber cool, and we get along great! And this picture is cute, so I couldn't resist:)
This is Heather, Megan, Emily, and me. This is our second or third day here at SIU, and we were outside watching the guys play some touch football. All of these girls, plus quite a few others have become such great friends already, and I know that we will all grow even closer as the semester goes on.

But I can't forget my wonderful friends at home that I miss so very much!
Alexis and Aaron, guys, I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!! You guys are like, my go-to people whenever I'm in any kind of mood. I love you guys to death, and I absolutely can't wait until you can come visit me!
 And Kade, Erica, and Ryan, last but not least! Kade, I don't know very well, but he seems like a super cool kid. Erica and Ryan (and Thienly belongs here too), I flipping miss you guys. You guys are so much fun, and are probably have so much happening with the start of your senior year, and I so wish I could be there to see you guys grow! I love you guys, and I can't wait to see you!

And there you have it.

My first post of my sophomore year at a university that is very new and slightly scary to me.

More posts will come, I promise!!:)

Live, Love, and Let it Sparkle,