Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Its seriously only Tuesday?....

Ok, so I don't know about all of you, but my week has been going by terribly slowly.(This post will be mostly ranting, so if you don't want to hear about my crazy busy week, stop reading:))
It was definitely a disappointment to find out that today is only Tuesday.
I definitely am excited for this weekend, but it is just so, SO far away!
So, to let you know just how crazy the rest of my week is going to be, here's my schedule:
Wednesday and Thursday - Out of town to visit family (a.k.a. get nothing done at home and get fat eating fast food)
Friday and Saturday - Host a Garage Sale

Ok....well maybe that doesn't look like all that much to do when its written out, but notice that there is zero time from tonight until Friday morning to do stuff for the garage sale.

Also notice that I have to miss the Bears vs. Packers game on Thursday night while I am stuck in Chicago traffic (luckily I get all of the Bears game info sent to my phone).

So, as a result of this dreaded trip, I will be bored out of my mind for two days straight instead of working my butt off at home to get this sale ready (I'm trying to convince myself I would have ACTUALLY worked my butt off).

Oh! And did I mention that I have to wake up at 4:30 AM tomorrow to leave?!
Please wish me luck! Comment and tell me how to entertain myself while I'm gone, I'll need it!

Live, Love, and Let it Sparkle,

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