Friday, September 14, 2012

Bad Football = Bad Fashion

Today is quite an interesting day.
All Bears fans throughout the country are wearing disappointment on their faces, and Packers fans are being the obnoxious bleepadebleeps that they are (just kidding, I have some lovely friends that are Packers fans....they're obnoxious, but usually for other reasons;)).

But seriously, the game last night was such a disappointment. The Bears just lost it. I don't know what changed since last Sunday's game, but it wasn't pretty. And you want to know what else wasn't pretty?.....Me.

I know I promised a picture of my Bears spirit, but the look of disgust that was on my face all night while I was watching the game definitely was not worthy of being posted on the internet.

Because of this horrible game, my motivation to dress up at all today is next to nothing, especially considering I'm going to watch my former high school's football game tonight (who wants to dress cute for a cold football game?).

BUT, I do have a little bit of excitement!!!!:)

I finally got my first follower! My wonderful boyfriend decided to support me in my blogging escapades and became my very first ever follower!

And, as readers, I think you all should follow in his footsteps and follow me too!
I already love you guys, but following me will give me extra motivation to write more interesting stuff! Promise:)

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday night and that you aren't as broken up about last night's big game as I am!

Live, Love, and Let it Sparkle,

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