Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Outfit Shmoutfit.

So, I've been wearing cute outfits for the past like, 4 days, and I forgot to take a picture of every single one.

I'll admit it, I suck.

I need to set up some kind of reminder for myself so I can capture the cuteness that has been my new spring looks.
Well, I would say they are semi-spring.

On Monday, my outfit was still pretty winter-y. I wore an oxblood oversized Christian Dior sweater ($1.25 at Salvation Army), a grayscale leopard print infinity scarf ($7 at Strawberry), and gray jeggings ($14 at Walmart). Oh, I wore it with black boots too. No idea where those were from.

Tuesday, I wore a gray cardigan ($5 at VS Outlet), a white cami, blue-green jeans ($11 at Walmart), and these adorable tan moccasins that I'm pretty sure I got at a dollar store!

Today, I wore a cute gray t-shirt, blue jeans, and black boots, with this adorable necklace that has a flower accent and turqouise beading.

Hopefully I will be able to remember to take a picture next time I wear something cute so you can see it instead of taking my word for it!

But oh well.
I guess you guys will just have to look forward to my next outfit post:)

Live, Love, and Let it Sparkle,

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