Monday, March 18, 2013

Ear Fear.

I have taken a brief break from blogging.
I have been very sick for the past week or so.
The only people that have seen me are my family, Ry, and his family.
And Shyenne, once last week, to go thrifting and to lunch.
But I BARELY made it.

I finally made it to the doctor today and he told me that I have an ear infection and a sinus infection.
I am on antibiotics for 10 days.
Hopefully, it'll get better.

The worse part of this is that I didn't get to see a lot of my friends that I wanted to see over spring break because I just didn't feel like doing anything but laying on a couch and watching tv.

Another bad part is that I have a fear of ears.
I FREAK out when people touch my ears, when I clean my ears, when I get water in my ears, when my ears are dirty, pretty much anything to do with my ears.

I almost puked at the doctor's office when he had to probe that large shiny thing inside my ear.
Not fun.

Anyway, hope ya'll are not nearly as sick as I am right now and that your ears are far away from the big shiny thing that went in mine.

Live, Love, and Let it Sparkle,

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  1. I hope you feel better soon, Steph! Let me know if you need anything at all, I'm free most of this week <3 I love you!